Swaddling: What you need to know.

I'm sure as an expecting parent you have heard the word swaddle thrown around but what does it mean? Swaddling has been around for centuries and is a technique that many parents and caregivers use by wrapping a newborn nice and snug in a blanket. This mimics the womb and helps them feel secure like they where while in utero. Swaddling helps promote sleep as the baby has a sense of security and prevents them from startling themselves out of sleep, this paired with a little white noise may help your newborn sleep for longer periods of time. This technique has also been know to help calm the fussy baby. A colicky or fussy baby can bring a lot of tension and frustration on top of being already sleep deprived, this can help everyone get a little more rest.

You do need to be careful while using this technique as there can be some serious issues if not done correctly. Usually, not long after baby is born your nurse will show you how to swaddle your baby but if they don't you can find out how here. It's important to not swaddle the baby too tightly as that can cause circulation issues or can even result in overheating. Hip dysplasia is also something that can happen if a baby is swaddled too tightly, this can cause more issues when the baby get older. Making sure that the baby is comfortable and safe is very important.

One question you might have is how long do you swaddle a baby for or when do I stop swaddling my baby? This answer may be different for everyone as all babies are not the same but typically babies are swaddled until about three months of age. If your baby can roll over or undo the swaddle before that time then it is time to stop swaddling so that your little one is kept safe. 

When it comes to finding the perfect swaddle blanket you will have many to choose from. There are so many different styles, fabrics and designs to pick from. When my little girl was a newborn we had a swaddle sack and it was super easy! The great thing is that you can find swaddle blankets at any major retail store, some of these stores even offer classes for new parents that you can take advantage of.

Swaddling is a great technique to use with your newborn as long as you are doing it correctly and safely. We hope you enjoy your new little bundle.