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Placenta prints are a precious form of keepsake for families wanting to artistically capture that memory. This consists of a blood print of your placenta on quality watercolor paper. If you are just wanting a print and you will not be consuming your placenta there are other options for your print like paint and watercolors that we can discuss.

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A salve is something that you would use externally for skin issues, rashes, scrapes, cuts or burns. It is not intended for the use on a cesarean birth incision, episiotomy, or sore and cracked nipples. There are no preservatives in a salve so it should be refrigerated or used within two weeks. This can also be made without placenta powder

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A tincture is a highly concentrated liquid that contains placenta powder. It works by penetrating the mucus membrane, therefore it is fast acting. Tinctures need to be made with a menstruum, which is a solvent used to extract the properties of the placenta. In this case a 60 or more proof vodka will act as our menstruum as it is the strongest, has the longest shelf life and acts as an excellent preservative. This takes 6 weeks to mature and is used be placing a few drops under the tongue or in water as needed.

*please let us know if you are gluten free as a different vodka will be used*

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Our postpartum doulas and infant care specialists are trained with the tools needed to help support you through this new journey as a family.

We can help you design a schedule for everyday living so that you can spend more time bonding and creating memories with your new bundle of joy. Each shift you can expect us to arrive on time and conduct ourselves with professionalism and respect as we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our doulas have experience with newborns, toddlers, breast and bottle feeding, cloth and disposable diapers as well as basic baby wearing. Duties will vary from family to family as we work to fit your needs. Let's chat and let us know what we can do to support you! 

*Our doulas work a minimum of 5 hour shifts and a maximum of 12 hour shifts.